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5 Pillars of Safety

A solid safety program is a lot like a solid structure; it depends more on a secure base. At BrandSafway, our five prongs of safety are our sturdy security foundation. These are our strong security measures that we have built our world-class safety performance and culture upon, and ultimately allow our strategic security measures to stem from them.

BrandSafway’s Employee Intervention System (EIS) was developed to stop accidents before they happen. A proactive, behavioral-based process, the EIS helps prevent poor decisions in the hazard recognition and control process. This system identifies potential hazards associated with the environment, projects and work practices, allowing us to anticipate and prevent accidents by coaching employees on correct behaviors. Through the EIS, employees are empowered and obligated to stop work whenever they think an unsafe condition exists. This employee-driven program allows us to stay on the cutting edge of safety through continuous improvement.

The Supervisor Observation System (SOS) uses peer-to-peer observation and review to promote proactive ownership, accountability and positive leadership development at the supervisor level.

Management Safety Reviews (MSRs) help engage management to develop and promote safety leadership in the field. An integral part of BrandSafway’s EHS system, this interactive tool requires managers to complete field observations, encouraging a thorough understanding of safety processes in the field.

BrandSafway’s Gold Link Audit System is an in-depth and multilevel internal evaluation of a jobsite’s safety management system and processes. Through inspection, interview and documentation review, action items are assigned and delegated to responsible parties and then tracked.

The BrandSafway Learning Network (BSLN) is our state-of-the-art, web-based learning management system for compliance, regulatory, craft and career path training. Through the BSLN, all BrandSafway employees can easily access work-related training and education.

Safety Values

At BrandSafway, we are committed to creating a corporate culture that values the health and safety above all.

We take our values-oriented safety culture and our award-winning safety record as the center of our industry-leading safety culture, and our state-of-the-art programs are more than just a corporate strategy at BrandSafway; BrandSafway is a safe enterprise.

Platinum Safety Award - Various BrandSafway Entities - Construct Secure
41 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards - American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
5 Canadian Safety Achievement Awards & 19 Honorable Mentions - AlumaSafway
30 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards - American Fuel & Petrochemial Manufacturers
Diamond Level STEP Award - BrandSafway Houston - Associated Builders and Contractors(ABC)
23 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards - American Fuel & petrochemical Manufacturers
19 Contractor Merit Safety Awards - American Fuel & Petrocheical Manufacturers
BrandSafway Laurel - National Safety Merit Award - Associated Builders and Contractors(ABC)
AEP Cardinal Plant Jobsite Team - 200,000 Recordable-Free Hours
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) Team - 27 Years of Recordable-Free Work
BrandSafway Denver - 1 Million Hours of Recordable-Free Work
Best in Class for Large Soft Caraft Contractors - Houston Business Roundtable and Houston Area Safety Council
Chevron Phillips Contractor Safety Excellence Award
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At BrandSafway, it's important to us that the safety and health of people and property are paramount. Our goal is for these standardized to our industry, and we stand by this progress in any way that we can.

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BrandSafway at a Glance

A leading provider of specialized services to the global industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets, BrandSafway delivers access and scaffolding systems, forming and shoring, industrial services and related solutions to more than 30,000 customers worldwide. BrandSafway was formed when Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services and Safway Group combined in 2017.